Electrical permits & inspections

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Before any electrical work is started, you must have an electrical permit. Electrical wiring must be installed safely and correctly in accordance with the current Manitoba Electrical Code.

Depending on where the work is done, electrical wiring permits and inspections are provided by either the City of Winnipeg or Manitoba Hydro.

For property inside Winnipeg city limits

Arrange for electrical wiring permits and inspections from the City of Winnipeg Planning, Property and Development or call 311.

For property outside Winnipeg city limits

Manitoba Hydro provides electrical wiring permits and inspections for:

  • any new building, renovation or addition;
  • the installation of any electrical equipment;
  • any alteration, repair, or extension of any electrical equipment.


You must have an ePermits account before you can apply for commercial/residential electrical wiring permits, or residential do-it-yourself wiring permits. Effective June 15, 2024, we will only accept electrical permit applications submitted through ePermits. Electrical permit applications dropped off, submitted by mail, email, or by fax will not be accepted.

Each permit will renew automatically for an additional 12-month term unless completed in accordance with the Manitoba Electrical Code following final inspection, or otherwise closed by Manitoba Hydro. (Renewal fee applies as per the Schedules of Electrical Permit Fees).

With ePermits you can:

  • submit new or modify existing applications from anywhere, at any time;
  • upload plans electronically;
  • view online status for all permits;
  • speed the confirmation of electrical permits;
  • view and print permits;
  • apply and request inspections;
  • view and print Certificates of Approval.

Contractors must have a valid Manitoba journeyperson’s electricians license to apply for an ePermits account. Homeowners doing self-wiring work can apply for an ePermits account but do not need an electrical license.

You can sign up to have your monthly permit bills sent through your online account. We also offer a pre-authorized payment plan for your ePermits account.

You will receive a confirmation email when we have finalized your registration, which may take up to 5 business days.

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Electrical wiring permits

Once you have set up an ePermits account you can apply for your permit. Electrical contractors require a valid Manitoba journeyperson’s electricians license to register for ePermits. Homeowners completing a self-wire do not require a valid Manitoba journeyperson’s electricians license to register for ePermits.

If you are unable to register for an ePermits account, contact your local Manitoba Hydro Customer Service Centre to register.

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Residential do-it-yourself wiring

We strongly recommend that wiring be done by licensed electricians.

If you are capable and would like to do your own wiring:

  • You must be the owner and occupy the single dwelling as a permanent residence or seasonal property.
  • You must personally perform the electrical work.
  • The electrical service on the property must not exceed 200 Amperes.

Only a licensed electrician can do work:

  • in a hazardous location;
  • on hot tubs or swimming pools;
  • on renewable energy systems and generators;
  • on the consumer’s service; this is the point where Manitoba Hydro connects to the premises to supply power. It includes the mast, meter socket and service box (main breaker or fuses).
  • within a National Park.

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Electrical inspections

By law, all electrical wiring in Manitoba must be inspected to ensure compliance with the Manitoba Electrical Code.

All wiring must be visible for inspection and all electrical equipment must be approved. When the work has passed its final inspection, your permit may be closed. Electrical Inspections are requested and confirmed on the ePermits portal.

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Electrical equipment approval

We recognize a number of Certification Bodies and Inspection Bodies that provide certification, field approval, and special acceptance services for electrical equipment.

Read about recognized certification and inspection bodies for electrical equipment on the Government of Manitoba website (PDF, 1.8 MB).

For more information on inspection and technical services, visit the Government of Manitoba website.

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Contact us

For questions about ePermits, email us.

For questions about electrical inspections, contact the Manitoba Hydro electrical inspector in your area.

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