Water levels & flows

About 96% of the electricity we produce is clean, renewable power generated at 15 hydroelectric generating stations around the province of Manitoba. As part of our water management, water level and flow measurements are taken throughout waterways contributing to the hydroelectric system. These level readings are from hydrometric gauging stations managed by Manitoba Hydro and Water Survey of Canada.

The 14-day forecasts are estimates, and subject to change. Northern forecasts are broadcast on local radio stations at the beginning of every month.

Actual and forecasted water levels.
Name Current level 14-day forecast This day last year
Water levels and flows are currently unavailable.

Water forecast for the next 14 days:
water level expected to rise expected to rise.
water level expected to fall expected to fall.
— no forecast available.

1 Weather conditions, such as wind and barometric pressure, can cause levels to be different from location to location on Lake Winnipeg.

2 Missi Falls Control Structure is measured as a water flow in ft3/sm3/s, and not a water level.

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