Tehya’s drive led to Fleet Services

Women inspecting undercarriage of a vehicle with a flashlight.

Tehya takes a look underneath a vehicle at our Fleet Services shop.

Whether you’re waiting in traffic, at your bus stop, or as you’re walking down the street – chances are you will see one of our fleet of vehicles in passing, as we deliver steady services to our customers.

Behind our fleet of familiar yellow bucket trucks and efficient (some electric) cars and trucks, is a team of automotive experts focused on keeping them running and at the ready.

“I enjoy hands-on work and we all treat each other like family here at Manitoba Hydro,” says Tehya Massan, Fleet Mechanic Trainee. “We all like to laugh and if you’re frustrated or having a bad day, we’re always helping each other.”

“All our vehicles come in for servicing at regular intervals, so we’re always inspecting them. If we find any issues, we repair them and put them under testing to make sure they’re ready for the field. We have all different kinds of vehicles coming through…like right now, we have Delta (a six-wheel drive, off road, all-terrain vehicle) in the shop, which is really cool to work on.”

Tehya’s road to Fleet Services comes from her interest in automotives and training through Red River College Polytechnic Automotive Program. A community member of Fox Lake Cree Nation, Tehya was awarded a bursary from the Keeyask Workers Opportunity Fund (KWOF) for her tuition in 2022-2023.

“When I was taking the Automotive Program, I had the opportunity to do my work practicum with Manitoba Hydro. I was able to go to Gillam through funding from Fox Lake Operational Jobs, who provide funding for Fox Lake Cree Nation members for post-secondary and other short-term programs.

“I’m a single mom, so it was awesome to have help and support through this journey. Having this opportunity has been incredible. I got to see Gillam and meet the people firsthand and I loved it!” says Tehya. “I tried my best up there and I realized that this was what I wanted to do for a living. It’s awesome!”

Tehya joined our Fleet Services in July 2023.

The Keeyask Generating Station project was developed in partnership between Manitoba Hydro and four Keeyask Cree Nation partner communities: Fox Lake Cree Nation, Tataskweyak Cree Nation, York Factory First Nation, and War Lake First Nation.

The Keeyask Workers Opportunity Fund was established to provide opportunities to support education, training, and employment for members of the four partner communities.

Read more about how we’re working to strengthen relationships and provide training and employment opportunities in our Environmental, Social and Governance Report (PDF, 7.3 MB).