De Salaberry East Station

Since 2006, electricity demand in southeastern Manitoba has grown at over twice the provincial average.

Due to this rapidly growing use of electrical power in the area, it is now necessary for us to build a 230 to 66-kilovolt (kV) electrical station. De Salaberry East Station will lessen the loads carried by 3 other electrical stations and will improve reliability of electricity delivery in nearby communities.

Project status

This project has recently undergone a name change. The change was driven by feedback received during the public engagement process. The proposed station was formerly referred to as Stony Brook Station.

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Anticipated timelines for the project (subject to change):

  • Site investigation and selection: 2016–2017 (completed);
  • Engagement and environmental assessment: 2017 (completed);
  • Regulatory review: 2017–2018;
  • Construction: following receipt of licence;
  • In-service: late 2020.

Project description

De Salaberry East Station will convert 230-kV electrical transmission to 66-kV distribution for use in nearby municipalities. It will connect to the proposed St. Vital Transmission Complex (Environment Act Licence received) and will deliver electricity through 6 distribution lines (single wood poles), that will leave the station and follow existing roads to nearby users.

The station will be located on land owned by Manitoba Hydro at NE35-06-04E1, northwest of Kleefeld in the RM of De Salaberry (4.8 km east of the junction of Highways 59 and 52).


Feedback received through our public and Indigenous engagement processes helped inform the environmental assessment. Feedback assisted us in determining ways to lessen potential effects on people and the environment.

Engagement goals for the De Salaberry East Station project included:

  • sharing information as it became available;
  • gathering and understanding local interests;
  • integrating interests and concerns into the assessment process;
  • discussing potential mitigation measures.

The project information was shared with local municipalities, First Nations, the Manitoba Metis Federation, interested parties, and local community members.

Environmental assessment

We have developed and submitted an environmental assessment for the De Salaberry East Station project to Manitoba Sustainable Development. This project is classified as a Class 2 development under The Environment Act (Manitoba).

The environmental assessment for the project includes:

  • characterization of the environment;
  • identification of potential effects on people and the environment;
  • determination of mechanisms to avoid or reduce potential adverse effects while enhancing beneficial effects.

Site selection

In selecting a site for De Salaberry East Station, we worked to balance different concerns and preferences. Aspects considered in the decision making for the De Salaberry East site included:

  • project management (e.g. schedule, cost);
  • biophysical concerns (e.g. species at risk, wildlife);
  • socio-economic aspects (e.g. heritage sites, subdivisions);
  • station layout and design (e.g. placement, access, future planning);
  • transmission line planning and design (e.g. load concerns, future development, standards);
  • distribution line and station planning (e.g. road access, load growth needs);
  • property-related concerns (e.g. land use, existing infrastructure).

As well, feedback received from the public, First Nations and Metis regarding previous projects in the area, (Bipole III Transmission Project and the St. Vital Transmission Complex), was reviewed and considered in the decision-making process.

We believe that the selected site balances various internal and external interests, and will best serve the communities who will benefit from enhanced reliability of their local electrical network.

All maps and documents related to the De Salaberry East Station project are available in the document library.