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Business & tendering

We established a business registration process for a Keeyask Cree Nation (KCN) business to register to be included in a directory of KCN businesses available to do sub-contract work. After award of any Keeyask open competitive tendered contract, we will provide the names of all KCN businesses who have registered through this process to the successful contractor.

If you are a KCN business and would like to be included in the Keeyask Cree Nation (KCN) Business Directory, complete Keeyask Cree Nation Business Registration (PDF, 200 KB) and submit by:

  • Email the Keeyask Project.
  • Fax 204-360-6138, Attention: Project Site Liaison Officer.
  • Manitoba Hydro
    Keeyask Project
    Project Site Liaison
    360 Portage Ave.
    Winnipeg MB R3C 0G8.

If you are unable to print the required form and need one mailed to you, email the Keeyask Project.

All tendering for Keeyask Generating Station Project is conducted by our Supply Chain Management department.

Direct negotiated contracts (DNC) – awarded
Contract number Contract title Contractor name
016121 Catering & Janitorial DNC Fox York Sodexo Joint Venture
016122 Maintenance Services DNC Keeyask Maintenance Services Joint Venture
016123 Security Services DNC Fox York Sodexo Joint Venture
016124 Employee Retention and Support Services DNC Fox and York Keeyask Joint Venture
016125 Emergency Medical & Ambulance Services DNC Emergency Medical Joint Venture
016132 Work Area Site Development DNC Amisk Construction Joint Venture
016153 South Access Road DNC Amisk Construction Joint Venture
016601 Construction Power Station DNC Iron North, Interlake Power, Hartman Construction Joint Venture


As defined in the Joint Keeyask Development Agreement (JKDA):

KCN Business: any partnership, corporation, joint venture or other legal entity legally and beneficially owned or controlled by one or more of the Keeyask Cree Nations or one or more Members that meets the criteria to be considered a Northern Indigenous Contractor.

Keeyask Cree Nation (KCN): any one of Tataskweyak Cree Nation, War Lake First Nation, York Factory First Nation, and Fox Lake Cree Nation.

Member: a person who is, in respect of a Keeyask Cree Nation, a “member of a band” as defined in subsection 2(1) of the Indian Act (Canada). [Subsection 2(1) of the Indian Act (Canada) - member of a band: member of a band means a person whose name appears on a Band List or who is entitled to have his name appear on a Band List.]

Northern Indigenous Contractor:

  • a Manitoba business that is at least 50% owned by an Indigenous resident(s) or organization(s); and
  • a Manitoba business that is based in or whose Indigenous owner has resided within the Northern Affairs boundary for a cumulative period of 5 years or more.