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Materials created for the Birtle Transmission Project:

Final preferred route maps

Localized final preferred route maps:

GIS data – project infrastructure for download

This zip file contains spatial files in ESRI Shapefile format of the project infrastructure. They are viewable using geographic information system software. We recommend extracting the files to your computer, rather than opening them online. The .kml file will allow you to view the route(s) with software such as Google Earth®.

Do not download these files if they are beyond your computer’s or internet connection’s ability as they can cause your computer to temporarily stop working (require a restart).

Round 2 (2017)

Preferred route maps

Round 1 (2016)

Environmental assessment

The project is classified as a Class 2 Project under The Environment Act. An environmental assessment (EA) report was developed and submitted to the Environmental Approvals Branch of Manitoba Sustainable Development for review.

The EA report for the project includes:

  • a description of the project, through construction, operation, and maintenance;
  • study area characterization through fieldwork and background investigation;
  • outline the public and indigenous engagement processes, and the feedback received;
  • identification and assessment of potential environmental and socio-economic effects; and
  • development of mitigation measures to minimize potential effects on people and the environment.

Environmental Assessment Report – January 30, 2018