Birtle Transmission Project

Project description

We are investigating the construction of a 230-kV transmission line from Birtle Station, south of the community of Birtle, to the Manitoba–Saskatchewan border.

More detailed mapping is available in the document library.

SaskPower will be responsible for the portion of the transmission line in Saskatchewan that will connect to their station in Tantallon, SK. View the press release: Manitoba announces new agreement to sell hydro power to Saskatchewan.

Transmission line routing process

Input received through the engagement and environmental assessment processes will assist in determining a final preferred route for the project. The transmission line routing process considers how well routes balance potential effects to human, technical and natural environments from the start to the end point. Data gathering, on the ground fieldwork, and the input of numerous technical specialists, the public, Indigenous communities/organizations, and stakeholders will be taken into account when determining the final placement of the transmission line.

Environmental assessment

The project is classified as a Class 2 Project under The Environment Act. An environmental assessment (EA) report will be developed and submitted the Environmental Approvals Branch of Manitoba Sustainable Development for review.

The EA report for the project will include:

  • a description of the project, through construction, operation, and maintenance;
  • study area characterization through fieldwork and background investigation;
  • outline the public and indigenous engagement processes, and the feedback received;
  • identification and assessment of potential environmental and socio-economic effects; and
  • development of mitigation measures to minimize potential effects on people and the environment.


The proposed Birtle Transmission Project schedule (anticipated):

  • Public and Indigenous engagement, and environmental assessment: fall 2016 to spring 2017;
  • Environmental Assessment: fall 2016 to late 2017;
  • Environmental assessment filing: late 2017;
  • Construction start: following Licence receipt.

The schedule is subject to change as we progress through the route determination and environmental assessment processes. If you would like to be kept informed of these activities, sign up for email notices.

All materials presented at the open house (including newsletters, maps and storyboards) are available in the document library.

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The value of electricity exports

Watch our video to learn more about transmission connections and the value of exports to our customers.

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