Manitoba–Minnesota Transmission Project

The Manitoba–Minnesota Transmission Project will strengthen the overall reliability of Manitoba’s electricity supply, allow Manitoba Hydro to fulfill current export sales agreements, and increase access to markets in the United States, supporting the export sales that keep rates lower for Manitobans.

With regulatory approvals in place, we are now actively constructing the 500-kV transmission line from the Winnipeg area to the U.S. border in southeastern Manitoba where it will connect to the Great Northern Transmission Line. This includes upgrades to the Dorsey, Riel, and Glenboro converter stations.

Construction updates

Placement of granular in temporary laydown/staging area.

Placement of granular in temporary laydown/staging area.
Enlarge image.

Clearing has started west and east of Edie Creek to Mission Road, the Assiniboine River crossing, south of Richer and south of La Broquerie. Tower assembly and foundation installation continued in the Piney area. Tower assembly for Crown lands northeast and southeast of Sundown and private land northeast of Zhoda have started at a staging area. Tower foundation work has started south of Dorsey Converter Station, north and south of Wilkes, east of the Red River, on the floodway and on the south side of road 27N.

At Dorsey Converter Station, placement of the pad for the station expansion is ongoing and piling for the structures, transformers and other equipment has started. Cables and panel work are continuing in the building and steel, transformers and other equipment are arriving on site. At Glenboro Station, transmission line relocation work is ongoing, stripping of topsoil and placement of the pad for the station expansion is continuing and transformer, other equipment, cable and panel work are ongoing. At Riel Converter Station, piling for the structures, transformers, other equipment and foundation work is ongoing and cable and panel work are continuing in the buildings. Part of the work at Riel Station involves fusing electrical connections together. To do that, we use an implosion sleeve. It’s a safe and effective way to create a permanent, high-quality connection between two separate pieces of electrical equipment. An implosion sleeve makes a loud noise and flash similar to a firework. If you hear or see one, don’t panic — it’s probably just us. We’ll be using implosive sleeves at Riel Station beginning in October, usually between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Saturday. To learn more, watch our video, Using Implosion Sleeves to Splice Conductor, on YouTube.

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