Manitoba–Minnesota Transmission Project

The Manitoba–Minnesota Transmission Project will strengthen the overall reliability of Manitoba’s electricity supply, allow Manitoba Hydro to fulfill current export sales agreements, and increase access to markets in the United States, supporting the export sales that keep rates lower for Manitobans.

We have received both federal and provincial regulatory approval to move forward with construction of the 500-kV transmission line from the Winnipeg area to the U.S. border in southeastern Manitoba where it will connect to the Great Northern Transmission Line to be constructed by Minnesota Power. This will include upgrades to the Dorsey, Riel, and Glenboro converter stations.

View the construction progress map.

Read our environmental protection and management plans for the project.

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Construction update

We received final pre-construction approvals from the National Energy Board on August 22, 2019 and construction is now authorized to begin. Schedules are being updated and information will be available in the next two weeks.

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National Energy Board

The federal government granted approval (Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity – Certificate (EC-059)) for the Manitoba–Minnesota Transmission Project to proceed on June 18, 2019. The National Energy Board’s certificate outlines conditions that will apply to the project.

We have developed a Commitment Tracking Table (PDF, 358 KB) that includes the commitments we have made during our project application, during the National Energy Board’s proceedings (EH‐001‐2017), and the Clean Environment Commission hearing process. The commitments included in the table are related to the project’s construction and operations beyond what is required by existing applicable legislation and regulations.

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Manitoba Sustainable Development

Manitoba Sustainable Development granted an Environment Act Licence for the Manitoba–Minnesota Transmission Project (Environment Act Licence No. 3288) on April 4, 2019. View the Manitoba Sustainable Development Public Registry.

Learn how we are protecting the environment and keeping people safe during construction (PDF, 222 KB).

Watch videos that explain the need for new transmission and the value of electricity exports.

Open house materials (comment sheets, newsletters, and storyboards), and maps and documents related to the project are available in the MMTP document library.

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