Manitoba–Minnesota Transmission Project

The Manitoba–Minnesota Transmission Project will strengthen the overall reliability of Manitoba’s electricity supply, allow Manitoba Hydro to fulfill current export sales agreements, and increase access to markets in the United States, supporting the export sales that keep rates lower for Manitobans. Export revenues brought in more than 22% of our total electric revenue 2010-19 or about $3.9 billion.

The Project includes a 500-kV transmission line from the Winnipeg area to the U.S. border in southeastern Manitoba that connects to the Great Northern Transmission Line. Also included are upgrades to the Dorsey, Riel, and Glenboro converter stations.

Construction completed

Sun sets behind Manitoba–Minnesota Transmission Project towers.

Manitoba–Minnesota Transmission Project towers.
Enlarge image.

On June 1, 2020, the Manitoba–Minnesota Transmission Project was energized and is now in-service. The project was completed on schedule and under budget. Watch a short video on our YouTube site about the construction completion of MMTP.

Watch videos that explain the need for new transmission and the value of electricity exports.

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