Aboriginal engagement

We developed the First Nation and Metis Engagement Process (FNMEP) to facilitate the sharing of clear, timely, and relevant information and to provide opportunities to receive input on the Manitoba–Minnesota Transmission Project.

The FNMEP has similar goals as the public engagement process, including:

  • sharing project information;
  • obtaining feedback for use in the transmission line routing process and environmental assessment process;
  • gathering and understanding local interests and concerns;
  • integrating interests and concerns into the routing and assessment process; and
  • reviewing potential mitigation measure.

In addition to these shared goals, the FNMEP also aims to:

  • continue to build and strengthen working relationships with First Nations and Metis in Manitoba; and
  • provide opportunities for First Nation and Metis to have meaningful input and contributions to the project.

To date, we have met these goals by:

  • asking First Nations and MMF how or if they want to be engaged in the project;
  • ensuring there are multiple opportunities to participate in the process throughout the project;
  • delivering a First Nations and Metis engagement process that was adaptive and inclusive to respective First Nations, the MMF and Aboriginal organizations;
  • informing participants that shared concerns how their feedback influenced the project; and
  • designing a plan that continues engagement activities throughout the regulatory process, as well as into the construction and operation phases of the project.

Engagement with First Nations and Metis will continue as we progress through the regulatory, construction, and operational phases of the project if approved by regulators.