Public engagement

We have been undertaking engagement processes to gather input from stakeholder groups and members of the public throughout the route selection and environmental assessment processes.

Goals for the engagement processes for the Manitoba–Minnesota Transmission Project are:

  • share project information;
  • obtain feedback for use in the route selection and environmental assessment process;
  • gather and understand local interests and concerns;
  • integrate interests and concerns into the routing and assessment process;
  • review potential mitigation measures.

We will meet these goals by:

  • involving the public throughout route selection and environmental assessment stages;
  • providing clear, timely, and relevant information and responses;
  • delivering engagement processes that are adaptive and inclusive;
  • informing the public as to how their feedback influenced the project;
  • documenting and reporting on feedback received.

We will continue to use a variety of notification methods to inform the public of upcoming project activities.


The engagement processes were coordinated with the routing methodology to provide information and gather feedback at key stages of route selection. The focus of each round of engagement was as follows:

Round 1 - alternative routes and border crossings

We presented alternative routes to 3 potential border crossings at the Manitoba–Minnesota border. Feedback received assisted in the evaluation of the alternative routes presented, and in defining a preferred border crossing for the project.

Round 2 - alternative routes and preferred border crossing

A preferred border crossing for the project was determined and alternative routes were shared with the public for feedback. The public shared comments, provided feedback, and local knowledge was collected as we progressed to a preferred route.

Round 3 - preferred route

Based on environmental assessment and input received, a preferred route for the transmission line was presented in this round. The feedback collected helped determine the final placement of the transmission line.

Ongoing engagement

With the feedback gathered throughout Round 3 and the environmental assessment work undertaken, final adjustments to the route have been incorporated and a final preferred route has been filed with the project’s Environmental Impact Statement for regulatory approval.

We are committed to sharing information during the regulatory, construction, and operation stages of the project.

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