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De Salaberry East Station

De Salaberry East Station converts 230-kV electrical transmission to 66-kV distribution for use in nearby municipalities and connects to the St. Vital Transmission Complex. The station is located northwest of Kleefeld and lessens the loads carried by 3 other electrical stations and improves reliability of electricity delivery in nearby communities.

The project began with public and Indigenous engagement in June 2017. We received regulatory approval from Manitoba Conservation and Climate and an Environment Act Licence (Licence #3245) was issued on January 26, 2018. Construction started in summer 2018 and the project was completed in December 2020.

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Environmental assessment

An environmental assessment was submitted to Manitoba Conservation and Climate for review and approval was received. This project was classified as a Class 2 development under The Environment Act (Manitoba).

The environmental assessment for the project included:

  • characterization of the environment;
  • identification of potential effects on people and the environment;
  • determination of mechanisms to avoid or reduce potential adverse effects while enhancing beneficial effects.

Environmental Assessment Report – September 28, 2017


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